Thursday, April 19, 2018

PEMA Director: No Authority to Investigate Epidemic!

Friends, as some of you know, with the goal of banning fracking in New York, the Susquehanna River Basin,  and everywhere, and with the goal of thwarting all of this insane O+G infrastructure, I have turned my attention back to NE Pennsylvania, where my family is from.

For the past 8 months, I have uncovered a treasure trove of documentation,  ~35,000 documents! and built a detailed timeline.

I have come to the conclusion that Fracking (Unconventional Shale Gas development) CANNOT be done without causing Widespread and Systemic air and water pollution, and without Public Corruption and Organized Crime. (not hyperbole!)

Please watch and share my new video:
PEMA Director: No Authority to Investigate Epidemic!


If you feel so moved, please call any of these numbers and demand
that Raymond Kemble of Dimock(*) start receiving Clean Water Deliveries as required by law: Title 58 §3218 of the Oil and Gas Act.


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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Re: INHUMANE! Red and her daughter are still in trees.

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On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 3:43 PM, William Huston <> wrote:
Please send to press contacts!
Red Terry Takes a Stand!

EQT Midstream Partners w/local law enforcement have cut off all supplies. "
No food or water for 3 days!

Fighting massive 42" fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline
for EXPORT! Please help get the word out! #StandWithRed

Richmond Press Conference today:

News Report:

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INHUMANE! Red and her daughter are still in trees.

Please send to press contacts! 

 Red Terry Takes a Stand!

EQT Midstream Partners w/local law enforcement have cut off all supplies. "
No food or water for 3 days!

Fighting massive 42" fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline
for EXPORT! Please help get the word out! #StandWithRed

Richmond Press Conference today:

News Report:

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Democracy vs Republic?

What kind of rule do we have?

Theocracy? No.
Military Rule? (ostensibly,) No.
Kingdom? No.
Self-Rule by Sovereign Citizens? YES.

Demos = PEOPLE.
Democracy = Rule By the People.
Preamble of the Constitution: "We the People,...."

Are you sure you want to argue for a Republic?

Then you should go read Plato. Plato's Republic had heavy class divisions. There were the elites, "Citizens" who were educated, and due to their superior breeding and culture, we deemed capable of participating in government, and who (theoretically) ruled benevolently. The rest of the people were PROPERTYLESS SERFS. That a Republic.

"Platonic Republicans" are like the modern Liberal (as defined by Thomas Frank, author of "Listen Liberal"). They believe they are more able to be a citizen, with rights of participation in the affairs of government, due to their better breeding and superior education. Frank calls this a "Meritocracy".

Read the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence if you are confused. BTW: the Bill of Rights protects individual rights, and makes sure that the "two wolves" don't decide that the sheep is for dinner.

The American Republic (a hybrid and very unlike Plato's) recognizes the sovereignty of the individual. (That makes us a Democracy, homey.) Our Representative Democracy is IMO a compromise, because even if the founders had idealized a direct Democracy, it was impossible in 1776, before highways, telephones, radio, TV, internet, etc.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2 Videos: Binghamton Rally for Palestine 3-31-2018

 Jim Clune: Broome County Peace Action

Here are two videos I shot of the emergency rally for Palestine in Binghamton 3/31/2018. This is to express outrage at the viscous and unnecessary use of force by Israeli troops against peaceful protesters at Gaza at the "March for Return".

This is a very big human rights crisis spanning 70 years and getting worse. This system of Apartheid is supported to the tune of $4B per year by the US Government: $10M per day!!! supported by legislators like NY Sen. Chuck Schumer and almost every other, who accept donations from the Zionist 501(c)(4) AIPAC, in return for favors.

I don't have a lot of experience doing packages,
but IMO these came out great.

Please watch and share these new videos:
  1. Ahed Tamimi -- Binghamton rally for Palestine -- 3/31/2018 (5m)

    Discussion about Ahed Tamimi, w/Jack Gilroy (VFP, Peace Action), and Ariel Gold (CODEPINK).

  2. Rally for Palestine, Binghamton NY, 3-31-2018 (18m)

    Rally for Palestine, featuring Ariel Gold (Code Pink), Jack Gilroy (VFP), Jim Clune (Peace Action), and Fred Trzcinski (Broome Tioga Green Party).
Please share appropriately.

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My greatest skills are around science and law, language and reason. I have offered volunteer, "Next Friend" paralegal assistance for people under threat without other legal help.

Much of my recent public service work is around fighting & exposing the harms of the oil and gas industry, fighting industrial pollution. For 8 years I have done this work free, on donation only. I also work for other causes: Animal Advocacy, Corporate Accountability, Human Rights, Prisoner Advocacy, Homeless Advocacy.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

BH Master List of Russiagate ​Debunkery

There has been ZERO evidence presented in 16 months that  Russian State Actors manipulated our election.

There is a TON of evidence that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in collusion with the Corporate Media and various intelligence agencies tried  to hack the election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Here is when Russiagate first began, July 24, 2016. Notice Robbie Mook (Clinton Campaign Manager) introduces the topic of Russia to deflect a question about Wikileaks: 

Despite the title, this has a lot of information about WHY Russiagate was created. 1) coverup for the 2016 CRIMES of how Hillary Clinton + Media + Intelligence Community rigged the DNC primary to screw Bernie Sanders, and win the election for Clinton (failed), and 2) replace the voting system with a system which they can rig more effectively.

Caitlin Johnstone: Big Fat Compendium of Russiagate Debunkery: A very complete resource

Wikileaks: you can do keyword searches:

A right-wing commentator Liz Wheeler did a very good report:

Jimmy Dore has done some of the best work to expose Russiagate. MANY videos here:

This is great! Aaron Mate of the Real News Network destroys Luke Harding, author of "Collusion".

In reality, there is a lot of evidence there were hacks coming from DHS servers.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Looking to interview PA Shalefield / Infrastructure victims...

Hi there,
Bill Huston here. Many of you know me from my work with Shaleshock Media
I have produced or assisted in the production of hundreds of hours of
video, from expert panels, documentary footage of rallies and public hearings,
and even nonviolent direct actions. In addition to videos, I am also a mapmaker,

I have just completed building a new Podcast studio, which is capable

I would like to interview on my show anyone who has a story to tell, a message to get
out. Whether you want to promote your event, make a call to action,
or tell you personal story of hell living near gas (or oil) production,
storage, pipelines, etc.

I AM ESPECIALLY INTERESTED in speaking with anyone who made a complaint to, or was interviewed by agents of the Pennsylvania Attorney General in the last year (on or after May 4, 2017).

Please email me first if you to talk about going on my show.

PLEASE SHARE If you know of other appropriate listservs to put this on,
I would appreciate it!

My ideal time window to do these interviews is SHORT. I would like to complete
these over about the next week. 3-16 to 3-23.
William Huston:
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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Criminal Indictment for PA Governor Tom Wolf

I just left this as a comment on post about the "opioid epidemic" on Governor Tom Wolf's Facebook page:
I added photos for the blog. -- BH

LEGAL NOTICE: This Indictment is solely the work of William Huston. I am speaking on behalf of no one named in this complaint, except for perhaps Raymond Kemble, whom I believe would agree substantially.

I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Craig Stevens, Vera Scroggins, and Bret Jennings in building the historical timeline, along with some confidential sources.
The persons named herein are well known, and have been written about in press articles for nearly a decade. Some people named here are under gag orders. Ray Kemble, Craig Stevens, and I all intent to legally challenge the legitimacy of these gag orders, as they impede the investigation into a suspected Public Health Crisis. However, none of us would intend to place others in jeopardy by publishing statements which would violate their agreements

Please do not infer that anyone (named or unnamed) endorses these statements other that myself or aided in the authorship.  I alone take sole responsibility for the statements and materials herein.

"I have not shed tears over this issue in quite awhile.
[I] just [cried as I read this]." -- a reader


Recognize those harmed by the Oil and Gas industry, Tom Wolf. The time has come. This no longer just a matter of whether you get reelected. This is an indictment of HIGH CRIMES.

How is it that your dreams are not haunted by visions of Victoria Switzer's brown water and her warm smile? How can you harm her, and her family, through your negligence, inaction, or worse? Is your heart made of stone?

Is money worth more to you than clean water?
Mni Wiconi. Water is Life.

Victoria is entitled to CLEAN WATER DELIVERIES under Title 58 § 3218 of the 1984 Oil and Gas, as amended by Act 13 (2012). 

So is Ray Kemble. So are Ron and Jean Carter, The Elys and the Huberts... and many others. 

Can you explain why these families are not receiving water AS REQUIRED BY LAW? 

I hope the faces of Nolen Scott Ely's children HAUNT YOU. Everywhere you go, you see them. Even if you close your eyes, you see images of Randy Moyer's body.

You close your eyes, but you still see Terry Greenwood holding a stillborn calf (RIP, Terry). You see Carol French holding a Ball jar of her greenish-brown Sheshequin water over on Paradise Road in Terry Twp, in front of homes contaminated by fracking a well 4,000'ft away.

You try to block your ears, yet you hear Rebecca Roter whispering, "It's 9-4-4-2, Tom".

But what does it mean!?

I want the voice of Vera Scroggins echoing in the back of your mind, reminding you that Cabot Oil & Gas has 661 violations in Susquehanna County alone. Just 5 more to signify the Mark of the Beast.

What's the limit? When do we pull the plug? Clearly it's more than the 63 people (including minor children) in Dimock (pop 1500) with contaminated wells. Clearly its more than the 400+ families who were receiving replacement water in 2012 JUST IN ONE COUNTY (Washington)?

It must be more than the 661 violations issued to Cabot Oil & Gas. Clearly it's more than the 973 PA DEP determination letters found by Laura Legere and published by The Scranton Times-Tribune? Clearly it's more than the 9,442 air and water quality complaints found by Public Herald? Clearly its more than the $11,664,180 in fines paid by Cabot Oil and Gas according to MarcellusGas dot org?

SO what does it take Tom? How many violations and fines to an individual operator before you SHUT THEM DOWN? How many adults minor children must be gagged by Non-Disclosure Agreements before you say that there has been a COVERUP of a Public Health Epidemic? How many people should get sick or die before you declare a moratorium on the entire industry?

Maybe there is no limit. Why mess up the Gravy Train? Ca-ching, baby! PA DEP needs to use a rake to wrangle all the $$$$ coming in from Permit Fees.

Candidate Wolf meets with Impacted Dimock Families 8/8/2014
L-R: Rebecca Roter, Brooklyn Twp, Barbara Clifford, Montrose, PA, Candidate Wolf, Victoria
Switzer, Dimock, Frank Finan, Hop Bottom, Jean Carter, Dimock, Nolen "Scott" Ely, Dimock.
And I especially want you to keep hearing the words of DEC EHB Judge Bernard Labuskas in your head, telling Ron and Jean Carter, and 18 other families,  

The Environmental Hearing Board denies a petition for supersedeas filed by several homeowners in Dimock, Pennsylvania because a supersedeas is only available if a party is threatened with unavoidable, irreparable harm before the case can be resolved, and these parties need not suffer any such harm. Although Cabot terminated temporary water supplies, temporary water deliveries will resume immediately for any Petitioner who simply indicates that he or she is willing to at least try a whole-house gas mitigation device (proven to be ineffective -- Editor) paid for by Cabot and installed by plumbers hired by Cabot.
But this was 12-9-2011, nine days AFTER the water deliveries had ceased, as ordered by Scott Perry, PA DEP Undersecretary of Oil and Gas.The water deliveries NEVER resumed.

BY WHAT AUTHORITY does Scott Perry and Bernard Labuskes -- WHO BOTH WORK AT THE PLEASURE OF THE GOVERNOR --- deny these families access to clean drinking water?

PA Government to Carter Road Families:
Your rights to remedy under law are extinguished."

This is beyond being "Civilly Dead."
Without Water, our body will die.

You did not cause these problems, TRUE.

But YOU ARE COMPLICIT in the coverup until you SPEAK OUT and acknowledge the harmed.

You are COMPLICIT while you continue to allow Cabot -- one of the WORST industrial polluters in the Commonwealth, to continue to operate.

You are COMPLICIT IN THESE CRIMES every day you deny Scott Ely's family, and the Hubert's, and all the others, CLEAN WATER DELIVERIES as is their GUARANTEED RIGHT UNDER LAW!

All of the Carter Rd.-area impacted persons, at least 63 in total, if they still living there, are entitled to CLEAN WATER DELIVERIES until a PERMANENT SOLUTION is in place. Title 58 § 3218 of the 1984 Oil and Gas, as amended by Act 13 (2012).

Can you explain why Ray Kemble of Dimock is not receiving water deliveries? His water was determined to be impacted by drilling by the PA DEP 4-15-2010 in Dimock/Springville COSA#2 (of 4). There are at least 63 total people in the Dimock/Springville area who have water impacts, according to the 2009 Federal Lawsuit and 4x COSA agreements.

These are HIGH CRIMES, Tom. These are GROTESQUE violations of law, and of people's constitutional rights. People are getting POISONED by this industry. This is not hyperbole. It is an EMERGENCY. The people did not ask for this.

Dimock is like Love Canal, only Love Canal was EVACUATED. Shale Gas Fracking has produced victims in PANDEMIC proportions! But that would look bad, so the people are sentenced to live over poisoned wells.

There has been Widespread and Systemic water contamination from fracking. IN THE COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA. Just check the map I made of a subset of the Laura Legere dataset, showing 313 families in just 6 counties in NE PA with contaminated wells.

The contamination goes wherever this is drilling and fracking. The data is all publicly available.

Unlike the AIDS epidemic, or Ebola, or Zika, or Winter Storm Quinn, the public health response to human+animal health impacts from drilling+fracking has been ZERO.

Worse, the Government of the Commonwealth has been complicit in the COVERUP of the Harmed! There are DOZENS of examples, such as the Suite Code 942 scandal. Or the DOH "Buzzword list", or how the DEP Attorneys developed the "Consent Order and Settlement Agreement" technique to bundle together groups of impacted people in a community, and "make them go away" with cash payouts, gag orders, fines, and stipulations.

EVEN WORSE! The Government of the Commonwealth is ENABLING the poisoning to continue by continuing to issue permits and to allow the worst polluters, who are rogue of the law, to reap profits, while people, forests, animals, fish, an entire Eco-system is irreparably harmed.

This is not acceptable.
You don't have much time, Tom.
There is a giant magnifying glass of inquiry coming your way.
You cannot escape it.

You can be a hero, and get reelected.
Become a champion for the people.
Or you can become unemployed... or maybe worse.
An Inquiry is coming. I promise you that.

It is not to late to save yourself, but this requires prompt action.
What you can do is "Come to Jesus" PDQ.
This means: you must Recognize the Harmed.
Ask Jenny Lisak for the list.
Come to the places impacted.
Meet the people. Listen to their stories.

Meet the people whose family members are sick and dying.
Meet Bryan Latkanich, whose 7 y/o son Ryan emerged from a bath, with bleeding sores covering his body, and then who became incontinent.

Ron Gulla, Ray Kemble, Carol French, Vera Scroggins, Frank Finan and Melissa Troutman can connect you with others.

Do the right thing.
This is a criminal indictment.

It is not to late to save yourself.

(cf. Public Herald)

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Valentine's Day Legends Golf Fire cause: PIPELINE!

Bill Huston Podcast:


On Tue, Feb 14, at 8:54 PM, someone called the National Response Center and reported:


Under the incident type, it's labeled "Pipeline".

The structure that burned was ~590 feet from the Millenium Pipeline, and 2.6 miles from the proposed NG Advantage #BombTrucks terminal in the Town of Fenton.

This has not been reported by any corporate news outlet, including NPR affiliate WBNG.
All local corporate news is controlled by the Greater Binghamton Chamber, advertisers,
and Wall St. underwriters. The corporate news functions to SUPPRESS critical information
about the rich and the powerful, including the biggest industrial polluters, and greatest threats
to our community.

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel for updates:
I urgently need your donations to sustain my work!

More info on #BombTrucks:
FB Page: Stop the #BombTrucks
FB Discussion: Stop the #BombTrucks!
Blog: Stop the #BombTrucks

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Kemble of Dimock files $40M Claim against PA Commonwealth + Criminal Charges!

                       For Immediate Release
Raymond Kemble of Dimock PA
Charges PA Gov. Tom Wolf, 

and other officials

with Public Corruption, Racketeering,
Organized Crime, Seditious Conspiracy,
and Violating their Oath of Office,

Files $40 Million Dollar Claim
against the Commonwealth



In the 1803 case Marbury v. Madison, Chief Justice Marshall wrote that the “very essence
of civil liberty certainly consists in the right of every individual to claim the protection of the
laws, whenever he receives an injury” and that a government cannot be called a “government of
laws... if the laws furnish no remedy for the violation of a vested legal right.”

(Dimock, PA) On Wednesday, Feb 28, at 12:30 PM, Mr. Raymond Kemble
of Susquehanna County, will hold a brief press conference in front of
the Dimock Post Office.

He will be sending three letters by registered mail. [LINK to Docs]

FIRST, a Notice of Claim against the Commonwealth for ~$40 Million Dollars
for Nuisance, Personal Injury, Complete Loss of Property Value, and other damages,
including gross violations of Mr. Kemble's Civil, Constitutional, and Natural Rights.

SECOND, to Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Private Criminal Complaint,
filed under seal, outlining a criminal conspiracy between state and private
actors, to POISON the air, land, water, and people, since the first horizontal well
was drilled 2/20/2006.

This conspiracy had the effect of subverting the laws of the Commonwealth
to deny citizens their natural, constitutional, and civil rights.

Mr. Kemble further DEMANDS that the Attorney General complete his criminal
investigation which Mr. Kemble instigated in May of 2017, and that a Grand Jury
be convened to investigate these charges.

Over 200+ families who were interviewed by agents of the AG's office, and are still
waiting for justice, and for Josh Shapiro to fulfill his campaign promise of
holding the Oil and Gas Industry accountable for crimes,

and THIRD, a demand for copies of their Oaths of Office for various officials filed
with the Secretary of State.


Mr. Kemble first observed a change in his water quality in October 2008, after Cabot
drilled the Costello #1 well 530'ft from Mr. Kemble's water well. His water was officially
determined by PADEP to be contaminated by Cabot Oil and Gas 15 April 2010.

Since Nov 30, 2011, Mr. Kemble has been DENIED his rights to clean water under section 3218
of the 1984 Oil and Gas Act, as amended by Act 13 (2012), by State Actors, including two governors,
five DEP secretaries, and principally, Mr. Scott Perry, Deputy Sec. of Oil and Gas.

Mr. Kemble has suffered complete loss of his property value, property nuisance, harassment,
stalking, threats, loss of personal income, a $5M SLAPP suit, and chronic and acute health impacts.

Mr. Kemble has been trying to achieve administrative remedy in various venues AND DENIED
such for 9 years.

Media Contact:
Craig Stevens -- 949-456-6104
Ray Kemble -- 570-278-3111




Gas Drilling Fight Continues

DIMOCK, SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY(WBRE/WYOU) - Susquehanna County resident Ray Kemble is putting Harrisburg officials on alert with a notice of claim against the commonwealth for $38 million. He says gas drilling by Cabot Oil and Gas caused him injury loss of property value and other issues.

"There is no respect for the people, no respect for the land, for the landowners. We have no rights anymore," said Kemble.

Kemble also intends to send this private criminal complaint to Attorney General Josh Shapiro, demanding that he complete a criminal investigation into conspiracy allegations by the state and private citizens to poison residents since the first gas well was drilled. The resident claims his water was and still is contaminated due to the Fracking business. He says he has to go to the neighboring community of montrose just to get fresh tanks of water.

"I'm tired of the whole thing, we shouldn't have to live like this," said Kemble.

His battle against the oil company has been going on for 9 years. Kemble reached a settlement with the company in 2012. It forbids him from talking publicly about the issue.     

Cabot is now suing Kemble for breaching that agreement. But Kemble says he wants the company and state officials to take responsibility.

Kemble is also filing a right to know request to the Secretary of State for the Oaths of Office of the officials named in the criminal complaint. We tried reaching out to Governor Wolf's office and the Attorney General's office for comment. We have not heard back as of this hour.


Activists' news conference sullied by dust-up

DIMOCK TWP. — A longtime anti-gas industry firebrand found himself at the center of dual spats in the center of town Wednesday where press and supporters assembled for a news conference.

Ray Kemble is sending a notice of claim, a document that precedes a lawsuit, that demands $40 million in personal damages he says were caused by shale well drilling in his community.
In documents, which blogger and activist William Huston helped to compose, Kemble outlines damages, including hundreds of thousands in lost wages, legal fees stemming from other lawsuits and pain and suffering among other harms.

He's also sending a Right-to-Know request asking for copies of signed oaths of office for 29 state and local officials, and a private criminal complaint accusing state officials and private entities of conspiracy to poison the community.

As a half dozen gathered in the parking lot outside the post office along Route 29 in Dimock Twp., property owner Michael Faillace approached to express his displeasure. After debating for a few minutes, the small group relented and moved up the street near the township Municipal Building.
There, Susquehanna County Independent reporter Reggie Sheffield challenged Kemble and Huston on the presumed efficacy of their letters.

"So you're mailing out a bunch of letters … So what?" Sheffield said incredulously, speaking directly to Huston, inciting a shouting match punctuated by obscenities.

In both cases, Kemble stepped back in an apparent attempt to cool tempers while Huston negotiated with Faillace and later clashed with Sheffield.

Kemble lashed out against the state Department of Environmental Protection and called on Attorney General Josh Shapiro to fulfill campaign promises to hold the oil and gas industry accountable.
"Do your job, what you're supposed to be doing, and protect the people that, you know, basically pay the taxes here and voted you into office," he said.

Not having seen the documents, attorney general spokesman Joe Grace said the state's top prosecutor is committed to protecting Pennsylvanians' right to clean air, pure water and preserving natural resources.

He noted lawsuits against rule breakers, collaboration with other states and stronger ties with the DEP.

In an email, DEP spokesman Neil Shader wouldn't comment on Kemble's claims, but referred to a 2009 consent order and agreement with Cabot Oil & Gas. The department found Cabot's drilling tainted 18 residential water supplies in the area, which Cabot disputed but settled to avoid litigation.
Per the order, Cabot paid homeowners twice their assessed property value as part of a package to remedy the contamination. Kemble received $186,000.

Contact the writer:; 570-348-9131;
@jon_oc on Twitter

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